Arab Personage




Some people make headlines while others make history"


Philip Elmer-DeWitt


The Wright Brothers built the first working airplane while Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite. . Those are facts...


But also it is a fact that Al-Razi, an Arab physician, was the first physician to diagnose and treat smallpox and measles. Unfortunately, his being anonymous to many people is also a fact...


So, let’s try to know as many as we can of those who, with their perseverance and assiduity, made our world utterly different. Those who suffered to discover, explore, invent, modernize and change our lives entirely.


It’s incredible how such persons reach their objectives



How they become successful… And how they carve their names on the world history!!


Every episode in this section will give you a glance about one of the most glorious Arab persons who achieved a lot not only, for themselves, but also for others.


Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail
Mohamed Elbaradei
Dr. Farouq Al Baz
Ahmed Mustagir Mustafa
Al-Razi - Father of Arab Medicine
Zaghloul Elnaggar - The Scientific Miracles Discoverer
Nagib Mahfouz - The Great Writer
Salahuddin Ayyub
Faisal El Husseini
Ibrahim Elfiky - A Legend In Human Development
Al-Zarqali - Azrachel
Al-Rantisi - Palestine's Lion
Jaber Ibn Hayan - The Father of Chemistry
Avenzoar - Master Physician
Samira Moussa
Al-Zahrawi - Father of Surgery
Ismail Serageldin - A story of Great Success
Al-Kindus - Father of Philosophy
Abdul Rahman Assemet
Professor Magdy Yacoub - King of Hearts
Al-Tusi - A Scientist Who Made A Difference
Professor El-Sayed - Story of a Fight against Cancer
Dalia Mogahed: First Muslim Woman Appointed to Advise President
The Absolute Philosopher of Islam (Ibn Rushd)
Hayat Sindi (A great Arab Woman)
Muhannad Jibril Abu Dayah (The Story of a Saudi Inventor)
Yahya El Mashad
Abbas Ibn Firnas
Ali Mosharafa (The Arab Einstein)

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