Abdul Aziz Ali Abdul Hafiz Al-Rantisi

         This is a Palestinian doctor who treated a lot of children all over Palestine.    

 They called him: Palestine's lion

 He born in Epena village Between Ashkelon and java on 23 October 1947 in Palestine .His family lived in Khan Yunus for refugees when he was only six months

  He faced bad situations with his family after his father's death because of Israeli forces; his elder brother went to work in Saudi Arabia to gain money for his family Because of his superiority, he had a scholarship in Egypt from United Nations relief and works agency (UNRWA)


Graduated from Alex University, College of Medicine 1972 Master of Pediatrics

 He was a member at follow organizations:

*   Administrative body in the Islamic academy

*   The Arab Medical Society in the Gaza Strip

*   The Palestinian Red Crescent.


He worked in:

  • Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis 1976 as a doctor

  • The Islamic University in Gaza since it opened in 1978 as a lecturer taught courses in the sciences, genetics and Parasitology.


His situations with Israeli solders:

Here we mention some of his situations with the Israeli solders whom try to arrest him unjustly and some of their attempts him

The Israeli government imposed house arrest in 1981 for his refusing to pay taxes imposed on the Palestinian people subjugated

 He was detained for 21 days after a fistfight between him and Israeli solders who wanted to break into his bedroom so he clashed with them to block them from the room, then they arrested him without being able to enter the room.

   Dr. Rantisi was able to complete reciting the Holy Qura'an in jail in 1990 while he was in a cell with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

He was married and had 6 children (two sons and four daughters) and 10 grandchildren

His Martyrdom:

·       The Israeli forces tried more than one time to kill him :

The 10th of June 2003 (June) survived hawk "Hamas" from an assassination attempt carried outand in the attack by helicopter Zionism at his car, where one of his companions and cited a number of bystanders, including a girl.

·       On the 24th of March (March) 2004, and two days after the assassination of Sheikh Yassin, Dr. Rantisi was chosen leader of the movement "Hamas" in the Gaza Strip, succeeding spiritual leader of the Movement of the martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

·         Then the last one which killed him in brutal way:


That can we say??!

Oh my Almighty God

Is this the end of this great man??

Two rocks from Israeli forces to a peaceful car and unarmed persons turned it to stack scrap

But our Condolences is that he is a martyr

Before his death he was repeated these words:

Enter me paradise ALLAH and this all my wish








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