We Condemn the Attack of Israel on the Aid Ships



At the early-morning hours of 31 May, 2010, Israeli forces attacked the six-ship aid convoy "liberty flotilla" heading to Gaza City, Palestine, in the international waters, killing about 20 people and wounding dozens of others, which is violation of what is stated in the texts of international law, the criminalization of attacks on members voluntary associations, where the law gives protection to the staff of the aid societies affiliated to neutral the country / countries and who provide humanitarian assistance in conflict zones, the law also gives them the same immunity of aid workers affiliated to the States Parties to the conflict.

The above-mentioned convoy applies to the legal conditions, which states that it should:

1. Approved by the Government of the neutral country/countries.
2. Consent of the assistance recipient Party of the conflict.
3. The conflict Parties should know this officially.

And also in violation of what is provided in the Geneva Conventions that:

"In case of lack of adequate supplies of the population of the occupied territories, the occupying country shall permit aid operations for the civilian population, and to provide them with all facilities such as projects undertaken by neutral governments or humanitarian organizations."

It’s violation also of the Geneva Convention of 1949 and Protocol I of 1979, which provide for the parties to the conflict to allow - indeed facilitate – a "rapid" passage, and without obstruction, of the aid shipments, equipment and personnel, sent to the civilian population even if they are affiliated to the enemy.


Plz stand and stop Israel terrorism...support palestinian innocent people in the next link :


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  • Nermeen       Israel is killing innocent and unarmed people

    This attack assure that Israel wants to prevent any aids from reaching children, women, men in Gaza strip, this is horrible and against humanity.

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