Whispers of the Soul _Trust



Trust is


Truth & stability



Is a genuine heart and sincere feelings



The ability to conquer the inner child and control the

"Wild self"



Is a strong mind and a clear vision



The persistence on understanding the inner child's mental games

And preventing it from denial or escaping reality



Is awareness of the right and wrong



Keeping the self on the right path even when not pleased



Is honesty and inner enlightments



Insisting on self respect and inner values



Is the beauty of the light



The maintenance of insight


Truth & Stability

Are the treasures of man

If you have them you win; If you loose them you are lost



Truth and Stability

Are the seeds of



And trust

Is the gait to the garden of Allah

On earth and in heaven


So remember

People who have no value or principles

Come to life and leave without a print



Those whom you can trust

Their prints are strong in souls and hearts




Their lives are endless continuum

In all people's lives


They will remain and exist

Flourishing gardens of the souls

Healing wounded hearts

Nurturing humanity minds


By Soumaya  Mahmoud


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